Your Representatives



Leading the committee and apportioning the budget to various officeholders.

 Nathan Babb
Iona Main


Jake Gutman

Chief Information Officer

Updating the WWAC website and handling any digital needs. 

Molly Brune

Curriculum Reps

Leading the field reps, working with administration on policy workshops, and developing and improving curriculum at the Woo.

Wendy Gomez
Kaitlin Roh

Field Reps

Representing fields of study on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Field I (International Relations) Reps

Kaira Bakkestad-Legare
Rebecca Gorin

Field II (International Development) Reps

Meghana Mungikar
Talia Gerstle

Field III (Domestic Policy) Reps

Alex Hydrean
Marissa Korn

Field IV (Economics and Public Policy) Reps

Beshka Asanbaev
Sujata Rajpurohit

Certificate Reps

Representing certificate programs on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Health and Health Policy (HHP) Rep

Harshita Rallabhandi

Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) Rep

Elie Amkraut

Urban Policy (UP) / Urban Policy and Planning (UPP) Rep


Career Services Rep

Cara Labrador

Master of Public Policy (MPP) Rep

Aaron Charlop-Powers

PhD Reps

Bing Lin

Social Chairs

Planning Policy Prom, Woo Wine and Cheese, and other social events.

Jasmine Pineda
Corbin Stevens

Community Service Chairs

Planning Service Auction and providing opportunities for Woos to serve. 

Lauren Clark
Riley Edwards

Graduate Mentorship Rep

Ryan Warsing

Health and Wellness Chair

Looking after the wellness needs of fellow Woos.

Maya Hardimon

International Student Reps

Advocating for the needs of international students.

Ellinore Ahlgren
Fatima Khan

Diversity Reps

Danielle Beavers
Philmon Haile
Yvette Ramirez

LGBT Inclusion Rep

Mark Lee

Sustainability Rep

Encouraging environmental friendliness at the Woo and in Woo programming.

Pooja Ramamurthi

Public Affairs Rep

Working with WWS Public Affairs team to recruit speakers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.  

Ale Moscosco


Joint-Degree Rep

Ty Patrick

Religious Life Chair


Pat Boduch